Cheyenne Virginia Ellis  

Chief Mover & Shaker  

My idea to build Make Movements came from the belief that your office can and should be a place where you feel valued, a place that ignites your energy and inspires you to do great work.  


Throughout my professional career, I’ve been fortunate enough to have valuable work experiences in various types of company structure, from the Federal Government in Washington, DC to working overseas in Denmark, to public, private organizations, and non-profits. No matter the company structure,  the health of the workplace culture wove throughout each office, each cubicle, and impacted each organization’s overall growth and success. 

I became fascinated with how leadership creates and sustains a positive workplace culture. 

In previous jobs, I worked directly on workforce development programs, spent a lot of time with HR leaders, and learned about the people side to building great organizations. Over and over, the theory was reinforced - the growth and success of the people correlate directly to the growth and success of the overall organization.

As a practitioner and teacher of yoga for a combined twenty years, I know first hand the impact of yoga and meditation and how its contributed to my growth and success. Scientific evidence on the benefits of yoga and meditation continue to grow, so why not move these benefits into the office, the space and the people whom with we spend the majority of our time.

I founded Make Movements to provide companies a new set of tools to adapt to the evolving needs of our staff, to support the health of our workplace culture, and to enhance our ability to thrive, not only as an individual but as collective organizations in the modern workplace. 

Join me to spread this movement!

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