Workplace Moves:

Curated experiences utilizing shifts in body shapes and breath to bring about positive change in your office workspace.

From desk stretches, to conference room flow sessions, to afternoon meditation, a variety of creative options are available to best fit your team’s needs and goals.

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Client Testimonials

Make Movements class is a stress-reducing miracle. I love walking away from a long day, feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of my week.
— Lucid
I loved that it was so easy to show up, we didn’t have to bring a mat or block, and the room was already set up. Make Movements was really welcoming and made everyone feel comfortable. Hope more people take advantage of this great perk.
— Woodward Design + Build
Make Movements provides an instant boost to our office. Everyone is happier, refreshed, and energized after our sessions—making it easier to tackle the rest of our workday. This is perfect not only for our minds and bodies, but also our culture!
— Revelry Labs
Make Movements does a great job of keeping the vibe positive and not judgmental, so the exercise becomes a really good team builder.”

”Yoga gets the day going on a good note.


Movement Study

Orthopedic Residents at Ochsner Hospital

The Challenge

A group of twelve overworked, exhausted and highly stressed orthopedic residents, working chaotic, unpredictable schedules.

Medical professionals have some of the most stressful jobs, under immense pressure. Nationally, doctors are 15 times more likely to experience burnout than other professionals.

The Opportunity

Introduce mindfulness techniques to arm these doctors with tools to de-stress, and build a sense of supportive camaraderie within their group, and overall cultivate more resilient medical professionals.


How We Made Moves

60min. early morning sessions before rotations began that start and end with meditation, and include gentle restorative movements in between.

At first most were hesitant to try, sit still in silence, after two sessions participants immediately jumped into the practice.

100% of participants report feeling extra great, calm and energized when asked how they feel about their day ahead after class.

Click below to receive our Movements Menus and learn more about our range of movement options in your workplace.